Running rigging…

Ok, so one of the things on the “essential” list is to ensure that I have good running rigging and the friction is taken out of any think that can conspire to try and snag; jam; or just make life difficult. We have the usual mixture of some lines lead to the cockpit and some lines have to be worked at the mast. This is fine. On our last boat – a 32ft sloop – all lines were lead aft and because of the lighter loads they all worked absolutely fine whether reefing or hoisting the main – all the winches; pulleys and lines seemed to work perfectly in unison.

Already the delivery sail has shown that on this 44ft boat the loads are quite a bit larger and lines lead aft are not the labour saving arrangement that they should be.

Southern Masts & Rigging have specified the Kingbraid range of ropes for this job. And I have specified the following colour scheme for the rig. There isn’t a great range of colours so I have done my best to be sensible while making life a little easier in terms of identification by tired eyes and minds…this is my spec for the rigging.