Upgrades / or nice to haves ?

Like many new owners the list of jobs that I want to do to "Enterprise" is too extensive for my pocket!

But, you have to have a list…from that you can prioritise and sift and sort until the essential jobs are identified and completed.

New sail plan cutter I have the added anxiety of planning for the dream of a circumnavigation – or at least an Atlantic crossing. In a way this makes identifying what is essential a bit easier than if I was just going to continue fair weather sailing and cruising around the British Isles. Its the realisation that forces and wear and tear on the boat will not only be greater, but there is no hope of getting any breakages fixed by pulling into a port.

First, the boat must be ocean seaworthy.

Accordingly, I have put the following right at the top of my list:

    o standing rigging
    o running rigging
    o sail wardrobe
    o rudder(bearings; steering)
    o keel (bolts; keel / hull seal)
    o seacocks




Its not that any of the above are causing me some urgent concern – the boat was surveyed and found to be in seaworthy condition on all the above counts.  But, I must know in my heart that I have examined each of the above in the light of a 30 day non-stop voyage, with at least one ocean storm as the ultimate “boat surveyor”.

I feel I must iron out all the friction in the “easy to use”  Furlex and Selden in-mast furling system – which MUST not jam. I must look at all the chaff points and think through how the running rigging and sails will survive 30 days of continuous use. I must  look at the mechanics of hoisting sails and putting them away at speed while effectively short handed or even single handed on this 44ft boat.