Oeiras marina3Another early start. We leave Peniche for Oeiras at 08:47. The wind is blowing today. True wind speed doesn’t drop below 20kts and gust up to 30kts – but we are sailing downwind for a change. We use the large genoa and romp along quite happily. This is the type of wind speed that gets the Moody 44 really storming along. The 50nm to Oeiras is completed in 7 hours.

Along the way we get a bit of a scare rounding the overfalls off Cabo Roca when the depth meter reads 2.0m and reducing. We have got used to ignoring the depth for the past couple of weeks since it cannot really register depths over 75m…but there seemed to be something insistent in its bold display. It steadily dropped from 2m, 1.9, 1.7, 1.5…. I charged up and down the companionway steps checking charts checking the plotter looking for some explanation…but I couldn’t see any reason for such a shallow reading. It even had me discussing with Jaz what we would do if we ran aground. It was a false alarm. The wind continued to pick up as we rounded the cape and headed for Oeiras.

But Enterprise just bowled along. It really is like driving an old Bentley. Nothing seems to worry it and it just glides over the waves or cruises down the face of following waves as if they were a minor irritation to its regal progress.

Oeiras Marina is a lot more upmarket than many we have stayed in since Baiona. Most of the stops have been interesting as refuges in bad weather, but you wouldn’t want to spend more than a few days at each. Oeiras is different. It is the first taste of that Mediterranean style. There is also evidence of money in the type of yacht, both sail and motor, that are moored here.

We get allocated a berth next to a large motor yacht called J.L Seagull. The Spanish owner is keen to chat and tells us he is on his annual journey from Spain to Italy to see his daughter – he must have left the oil tanker out in the harbour!

Since we appear to be on the super yacht pontoon we find we cannot plug our small lead in to the shore side power but the marina office happily loan us a converter – no questions. That would not happen in Brighton Marina! I must say that this has been a feature all along. Not only have the WCC staff been on the pontoons to take our lines and greet us at every stop but so have the marina staff. Simple customer service that seems so lacking in the UK and France for that matter.

There is another reception organised with fantastic food and the usual prize giving, at which we win the Smiley Miley prize for guessing the miles that the Rally crew would have driven from Peniche to Oeiras. Another tea towel but very gratefully received.


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Oeiras Marina.. Oeiras Marina…
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Smiley Miley winners… Berthed next to J.L Seagull…