Monte Real Club Yates, Baiona

A very welcome stop for  a few days at Baiona. There are tours arranged to Santiago de Compestela, there is a prize giving dinner at the club (sorry Phil, jackets required), and time to repair all those bits that have fallen off or broken.

Its great in a way that due to the delay in leaving the UK all the crews know each other so well already so it was lovely to meet and greet “old friends” and congratulate them on their huge achievement too.

It is also an opportunity to have a real shower and get all the clothes washed!.

The Monte Real Club is very posh, and has a great commanding view of the bay and the marina. The beer is great, the wifi works,  and the large mahogany loungers very inviting. Time to kick back.

WCC are busy organising local marine engineers to help the boats fix stuff…we asked for someone to have a look at the generator. They changed the fuel filter and fiddled about for 2 hours. Unfortunately 133 Euros later the generator still wasn’t behaving itself. But I didn’t regard it as such a problem that I wanted to spend any more of our valuable time on it. Too much to do, to see, to eat and drink.

Monte Real Club de Yates1 Monte Real Club de Yates2
Monte Real Club de Yates3 Monte Real Club de Yates4