The Route

RP12 Slideshow (82)

We have just completed Rally Portugal 2012and returned to the UK.

That was a great shake down and experience boot camp..

We are now in the process of sorting out our land based affairs with a view to departing on our odyssey some time next year…

I haven’t put a route up for 2013 yet – I thought it would be a bit premature 🙂

After we have got the boat ready and after we have got ourselves ready – we plan to move on to the boat this year.

After all those plans settle down …then we may start thinking about the route in detail.

Maritime SecurityWe also hope that the pirate problem may have sorted itself out by the time it became an issue for us – who knows…

click the picture to see the latest news from “Pirate Alley”

We will undoubtedly follow the so-called “easy” trade wind route, west from the Cape Verde Islands to the Caribbean ; Panama; S Pacific; Indian Ocean… and then it will depend on the state of play with piracy off the coast of Africa

I would hope by then the situation would have been resolved.

Hopefully it won’t be an issue for us – many years from now…


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