Lagos2Brighton-nós chegamos

The trip to Brighton along the familiar South Coast was excellent. The winds were moderate the sea was moderate, the boat was – well – moderate. Night watch was spent clearing the south coast of the Isle of Wight with the vital St Catherine’s Point lighthouse flashing its comforting sequence – Fl.5s.41m.25M …and the much larger 750ft Chillerton Down radio mast brightly lit red and white that can be seen halfway across the Channel…

We were closing Brighton rapidly and we had yet to eat the huge Cornish pasties we had bought in Dartmouth – this one was easily solved …we slowed the have to get your priorities right when sailing.

Luckily the sea was calm entering our home “port”, Brighton Marina, no need to worry about the sand bank at the entrance….Jaz, Sam, Serena (niece) stood at the end of the pontoon blowing horns and shouting and screaming – they had warned the other berth holders so eyebrows only twitched with amusement instead of disapproval.

It was fitting that as I brought Enterprise into the berth, that we had left the previous February – I lost concentration and the stern sashayed across the berth, forcing me to have another go – the first time I had messed up mooring in over 2,600 miles and 13 ports.

What a journey, and what an experience. A Rubicon had been crossed. But, now another one replaces it – the Atlantic Ocean.

IOW RP12 Slideshow (151)
St Catherine’s Lighthouse, Isle of Wight at night. Enterprise, a true Bentley of the seas…
RP2012_Enterprise_Russ_Jaz Final Slide
Yours truly and 1st Mate The crew…

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