Lagos–the end of the Rally..

RP12 Slideshow (317)We arrive at 1810. Entry to the marina at Lagos is down a canal with the pretty promenade on one side and the boat yard and bay on the other. Nick’s beaming face welcomes us together with the husband and wife team who run the marina and the apartment and hotel complex. A very warm and gracious welcome indeed. We tie up on the fuel pontoon. We have to wait for the elaborate footbridge to be lifted and allow entry into the inner marina area, so we fill up the diesel to save time later.

RP12 Slideshow (106)We motor through the bridge and into the marina, it is already feeling odd, I try to concentrate on the instructions being fired at me from the dockside –we find that we expected to be “starboard side to”– but now we are “port side to” – I reverse to give Jaz time to reconfigure the ropes and the fenders. We berth next to the smiling crew of Ravi – the lovely Norwegian couples who have bought a boat together to embark on a year of adventure. I see that Svein is sporting a marina shirt and pretending to be in charge of docking.

Lagos Marina SAM_0494
Lagos marina Promenade next to the canal
RP12 Slideshow (1) Lagos Marina2
Entering the inner marina.. Lagos marina
Lagos Marina3 Lagos Marina4
Lagos marina Lagos marina