Lagos2Brighton–Biscay …again!

Martin arrives safely and with the spare fitting for the outhaul. Bruce fits it and we get the boat ready for an early departure on Monday morning – the 9th.

Unfortunately it is Sunday, its Spain,  and we are trying to get supplies for the trip – but everything is shut. We end up finding the only shop that is open – a small bakery and deli and we buy as much as we can think of that will make “pasta surprise” – if not a gourmet delight – at least a “surprise”.

We have a full fuel tank – but in our hurry we assume that we have a full water tank too. Wrong. We have been using water for the past 3 days since we last filled up. This is one thing that comes back to bite us a few days into the Bay.

We cast off at 0400. The wind is from the north or the north west for the next 2 days – so we have to use the iron sail. But it is a balancing act between conserving fuel and making progress in the 4 day window that I calculate we have before a major gale hits the Bay. I don’t tell the crew this – deciding that since there is nothing we can do about it its best not to worry everyone. I also know that Enterprise can handle it, it is a Bentley after all.

SAM_0197a Port2Uk-Leg3b
The weather on its way is F8/9… Westerly winds by the end of the crossing…
Port2Uk-Leg3 Port2Uk-Leg3a
Planning the route back… Alternative ports –Plymouth, Dartmouth, Braye, Cherbourg

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