We split the shifts 4on and 4off and apart from meal times we try to stick to the routine through day and night. Sam and I are Blue Watch Joe and Bruce are Red Watch. We make little competitions between watches to see who can keep the best course, or will forget to keep the batteries charged –watching the green lights count down on the Adverc battery monitor become important so that we can keep the fridge running.

Joe is back on form ever since Sines, its nice to see him enjoying the trip. Bruce is a gem – he is doing more than his fair share of chores apart from being a strong hand on the tiller and with sailing the boat. Everyone has gelled really well and there is a happy and relaxed atmosphere on board.

We are visited by dolphins on a periodic basis, I start to shout at them to leave us alone!….we see a strange shoal of fish that appear to be flying over the water – even  though we cannot believe they are really flying fish.

SAM_0499 SAM_0502
Sam relaxing on watch… Bruce our stalwart 1st mate
SAM_0503 SAM_0536
Joe getting the fishing line out.. Joe’s turn to cook “pasta surprise”…

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