Lagos2Brighton – Leg2

Its nice to have a respite in Sines. Good showers and a nice small town with one supermarket. I decide to give everyone 1 days rest and set off on the following morning – the 3rd for the next leg.

But what will the next leg be? That is the question. It starts to dawn on us that to get Sam to La Coruna for her flight by Sunday is going to be touch and go. We wonder into town to get some groceries for a long trip and sit in a funny courtyard bar which is clearly the local night spot – but in the day is deserted and quite seedy. We spread out the charts and search the web for flights, trains, buses any means of coordinating a boat journey with a land journey that has any chance of getting to La Corunna by Sunday.

Should we stop at Figueira da Foz and Sam takes a flight from Porto? Should we stop at Porto and Sam gets a flight from – well Porto? What about Peniche? How about Aveiro?. Finally we decide the only viable option is to go to Baiona in one leg, and then get Sam overland to La Corunna. We email Martin and tell him the good news. He will be landing in La Corunna on Saturday and will have to find his way to Baiona. We are never going to make it to L Corunna at all. Luckily the seedy bar has free internet and a good connection. I download Grib files and plan the route for the next 4 days. I estimate it will take from Tuesday to Friday – 4 days minimum to get to Baiona.



The weather routing indicates that wind speeds should be between 10kts and 25kts for the week. The distance is 360nm. ETA midday on Friday 6th July. The first tack is 100nm out into the Atlantic before choosing our line and tacking back hopefully in one tack, straight to Baiona. Its going to be a gamble that we can hold the course close hauled. We will probably have to motor sail and pinch the course away from the ideal 60degrees to more like 45/50degrees using the engine to help us hold course.


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