Relaxing in Baiona..

WCC have organised a prize giving dinner. It is reasonably formal – for yachters anyway. I wear a jacket, Jaz is in heels – and other clothes of course!.

I am so concerned about Jaz tripping on the pontoon, that as I follow her up the stone steps that lead to the raised terrace and lawn of the Monte Real Club Yates where the reception is already in full swing…I slip and graze the front of my left leg quite badly. Blood all over my cool man-in-Havana slacks. I tell Jaz to go on, and I return to the boat to patch up.

Needless to say by the time I get back to the reception all the rally folk are concerned and chide me for not getting it looked at professionally. There are 2 doctors in the group who just give me knowing looks. I decide I will ignore it and it will go away. This wasn’t a great decision, as I would find out in the days to come.

The reception and dinner is great and amazingly we win 3rd prize in the cruising group for Leg1 – crossing Biscay. Jaz gets a a tea towel and I get a prized club tie for the Monte Real Club Yates. Fair, I thought.


SAM_0319 SAM_0317
Reception on the lawn Stella, Hilary and John
SAM_0318 RP12 Slideshow (121)
Reception on the lawn Leg 1 – 3rd Prize

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