Cape Finisterre approaches..

44.22.213N 009.50.075W

1830 hrs 13 June 2012

Evening approaches and we have to set the boat up for the night. We are approaching the dreaded Cape Finisterre and the weather is benign despite expectations. I was expecting the worst but it looks ok – so far.

I can tell from the Rally Control reports that many skippers – far wiser than I, took their chance and went further inland, inside the traffic separation zone. I will stick to our original plan and go outside the TSS. Longer I know, but this is "not a race" Rally Portugal.

The Rally Organisers have stressed that this is "not a race" but a Rally. Of course we all agreed with this. But I suspect it is like standing outside the exam hall when all your friends are telling you they have not revised and that they downed 14 pints of lager last night. What people say must be taken with a large pinch of sea salt.

I brief my imaginary helmsman, Sulu, on steering "by the wind"; to keep the radar and AIS on full alert; and on container vessel avoidance procedures. He is grumpy to reduce speed – but he knows who is boss.

We will set up reefed sails and drop our speed, but increase our safety.

SAM_0167 SAM_0170
Cape Finisterre TSS – inside or outside..? rolling along on a crest of a wave …

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