Diesel is not a brand…

44.58.224N 009.29.112W

1237 hrs 12 June 2012

The boat is bowling along at 6kts. The sun is shining I am wondering why the generator starts and then cuts out after 10 mins. with no apology. The batteries are on red alert. I forgot to check them! I went down below after persuading my loyal crew to come back on watch.

Opening the engine compartment I am greeted by the sight of my trusty old Volvo diesel. Its much like visiting an aged but distant relation. You know you should visit more regularly, you like visiting but there is always a whiff of something not quite right. Hopefully in the case of your aged relation it wont be the smell of diesel or the pool of oil under them.

Back to the generator, housed in the engine compartment and tucked in a corner above it. I poke and prod various things. The essentials are water; fuel; air; oil. All present and accounted for. I stare at the generator, admiring its stoicism but resenting its secrecy. Why wont you work?!

I return on deck and relieve the loyal, long suffering crew. I ponder on this latest challenge. I start the main engine instead. The batteries begin to charge. I decide not to do anything foolish like trying to clear a fuel block or air trap in the fuel line. That can wait until we reach port. Cramming my not inconsiderable frame into the engine compartment while we are sailing the Biscay swell with diesel and oil smells to cheer me – will probably overcome the anti sea sickness tablets I took this morning!.,

An old and respected Volvo marine engine… Smug looking generator

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