..and they’re off!

50.09.409N 005.03.452W

0900hrs 9 June 2012

We had been told by WCC that Sunday 10th would be the day to cast off. But as Saturday 9th dawned it became clear that the weather window we had been waiting for may open and close before the week was out…

The early morning VHF call from Nick at rally control announced that today was the day. If skippers “chose to”…then WCC were “suggesting” that we “may consider” leaving sooner rather than later…the message was clear.

All the crews hurried to put all the gear away ready for sailing. We planned that by 1pm we would be ready to cast off.

We cast off at 1300 on Saturday 9th June. Terry (Miss Charlotte) helped with the lines, while Hilary (Plane Magic) hurriedly exchanged goodbyes with Jaz…we were off.

We headed out of Falmouth harbour, towards the Helston Light which was to mark the start of the rally.

Ahead of us was 550nm of sea, the Bay of Biscay and our longest single journey together on a boat. This was it. It was what we had been waiting for; planning for; equipping for. It was – we hoped – going to be a test; a challenge; an experience; an education…we really didn’t know what lay ahead…but we were excited and happy to be off at last!

PICT0044 PICT0031
Route planning… what’s the problem? its so calm…
SAM_0002 SAM_0019
have we got enough Ginger Nuts?… Trying out the storm sail…

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