60th B’day Party

50.09.409N 005.03.452W

2200hrs 8 June 2012

It was Friday June 8th – my 60th Birthday had arrived. We had hoped to be in Baiona by now but the weeks delay due to heavy weather in Biscay saw us still in Falmouth.

Jaz had been secretive all day disappearing with Nick, the WCC organiser, on various strange “missions”.

Then in the evening she  casually mentioned that Nick & John (Plane Magic), Ian and Sally (Seraphina) were coming to the boat for a drink and then strolling over to the Chain Locker for a bite. Being a man I was not at all suspicious.

We strolled over to the pub and I walked straight into a lovely surprise party with the crews of all the boats firing poppers at me as I walked in. All thanks to Jaz and Nick. Of course, being Jaz, there were banners, balloons, confetti the whole nine yardsSmile

Scott & Julia (Katerina) had made me a lovely tool bag out of canvass with my name on it and even a silhouette of Enterprise sewn on it. What a lovely gift!. That bag was put to good use over the next few weeks.

I made the customary speech.

I referred to a thought I had that morning…”in the morning Jaz woke up next to an OAP. Luckily I will not have that experience, since by the time Jaz is 60 I would have forgotten who she is…”

I ended with the poetic words of Billy Connolly on the subject of turning 60….

“…There are 3 things to remember when you turn 60….(1) Never trust a fart. (2) Dont turn down an opportunity to have a pee, and (3) never waste an erection – it may be your last…”

I ended with a toast to Neptune – after all we would all need his blessing to cross Biscay safely.

We had been told by Nick of WCC that the plan was to leave on Sunday 10th….

SAM_0115 SAM_0127
Smoked salmon and scrambled egg for breakfast Surprise party at the Chain Locker
SAM_0142 SAM_0137
The customary incendiary device c/o Jaz… Thank you Billy Connolly for those fine words…

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