Bowsprit or what!

I have now taken delivery of the cruising chute from Arun sails. I had to unpack it to get it through the door into the fore cabin and the snuffer is so large it had to go in sideways to fit through the door!

DSC03814 DSC03831
DSC03825 DSC03826

How I will manage getting this up through the forward hatch to hoist it is an adventure I have yet to experience. I have also had a bowsprit fitted – also huge – but Solent Spars who masterminded the operation are adamant that it needs to be this chunky to withstand the pressures of a 23,000 lb boat being towed by a 1200 sq ft chute….as I said all fun and games that await me in the future:-)

Having corresponded with the skippers of 3 or 4 Moody 44’s (see the right hand side bar)  who are doing, or have already completed, a circumnavigation the jury is split on how useful the c/chute is. Some have used them across in Atlantic and the Pacific – others have never used them at all. We shall see.


One comment on “Bowsprit or what!

  1. Hi Russ, Jan from Mychi here, now you got me scared! I use a cruising chute on Mychi but as we have no bowsprit I just clip it onto the anchor!!!!! had no problems so far but would like to fit a mini version of your bowsprit somehow this year. We sail shorthanded (Jan Elaine and Toto the dog) and entered the South Ionian Regatta and Rally in 2011 where the cruising chute really kept us going, our biggest issue is getting it up in less than 10 minutes, and of course getting it down safely, which becomes a problem if we have gybed onto port tack as the halyard is port side and with the sail and snuffer on the starboard sied of the boat the chafing makes it very difficult to snuff it quickly. not sure what your masthead is like but I would consider a centrally mounted halyard to alleviate this.we have a great video at ( – Inonian rally and regatta) that shows the chute in all its glory on a fine reach.
    look forward to your progress – Jan, Elaine Toto and Poppy

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