A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

Boat name

Boat name

Jaz and I decided  we would rename “Kolfinna” to “Enterprise” in a way its a tribute to our previous boat “Enterprise” that had looked after us so well for 8 years and also because we liked the hilarity the name caused whenever we radioed a French marina – back would come the reply …”aah…beam me up Scotty…” followed by much laughter. believe me it takes a lot to get French marina staff to laugh!

The real problem with boat name changes is the bureaucracy of corresponding with the Lloyds Registry of shipping to enable this. You are allowed alternative names and you can chose from a list of authorised ports – but you cannot duplicate an existing registration. All that seems sensible, but you are not allowed to look up the existing registrations, so it is pot luck when you choose a name as straight forward as “Enterprise” whether or not you will be allowed it. Plymouth was our “chosen port” since we bought “Kolfinna” there and the boat was actually built there by Marine Projects Ltd.

As luck would have it we hit on a unique boat name that had not been registered in the port of Plymouth – obviously there are no Star Trek fans in Plymouth 🙂

Now all we have to do is change the details on the EPIRB registry, the CG66 registry ….oh, and most important, we must placate Neptune with a naming ceremony!

Thanks to John Vigor for his denaming ceremony 🙂


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