Delivery trip Plymouth to Brighton…

Eventually the day dawned when Jaz and I and our two good friends Pete and Chris set off for Plymouth, to do the delivery trip to Brighton. I had already spent the week driving back and forward to Plymouth with a car load of supplies and running out to the local chandlery – mostly for safety equipment, and other small but essential items like a bulb for the chart table lamp – and also filling up with fuel!. The life rife was serviced and delivered back to the boat.

Friday 7th October dawned, with forecasts of force 5/7, sea state mod/rough – but it was a window of about 2 days between F8 and worse. We decided we had to push on – and do the trip in one go – 170nm.

We motored out of Plymouth and then came our first test – how to unfurl the in mast furling. You might think this was the easiest thing in the world – after all it was designed to be so – but we managed to spend about 20 minutes getting it wrong before we eventually got the sail set with what we approximated as one reef – we added the genoa, also reefed – and off we set at a slow pace – 4/5 knots for the first hour.

Then the wind kicked in – 20knots gusting 25/27 and we were off! We settled into a 4 on 4 off watch system, with each couple taking a watch together. The boat settled into a broad reach on port tack and that was that, 6/8 knots non-stop all the way to Brighton. Fantastic!


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