Buying the boat…

Eventually I came across THE boat. It was a Moody 44 and it was up for sale in Plymouth.

The Moody 44 was introduced in August 1991, and ceased production September 1996. The production run was of 114 boats, and this boat was one of the last to be built by Marine Projects (Plymouth) Limited. The designer was Bill Dixon.

Another couple of hundred miles in return journeys, and finally we bought her.

She was called “Kolfinna”, a solid and well built British boat from 1996 – lightly used and well equipped. Because it is registered with Lloyds register of shipping we had to go through the process of getting her renamed to “Enterprise”.

Unusually it has a hard “doghouse” (Jaz prefers to call it a “wheelhouse”) and a chimney which is attached to a large Dickinson Diesel heater – clearly the previous owners had plans to sail in higher lattitudes than I do – it remains to be seen whether I will retain this heater – fine as it is.

Despite these unusual features – or perhaps because of them – I fell in love with “Kolfinna” (now renamed…”Enterprise”) and decided that it combined the right type of blue water sailing ability, with well designed and practical accommodation and it was in the right price bracket – and would not require a major overhaul.

To be honest, having seen many 40/42 Najads and HR’s that were almost 50% higher in price and in many cases 10 years or more older – it was no contest.

The Moody 44 is very well built, and looks like it will eat up the miles on any ocean passage, while keeping us safe. It was THE ONE  for us.


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